day one

why a blog after five years of existence..
well because we have grown..
because memory fails..
because so much that happens on this little planet needs to be shared and remembered..
so let us start just by talking about today..
as usual teh day began just like many others
kids came, teachers too, some late as usual with their string of excuses..
the three wheeler overflowing with children halted and out come little monty, barefoot as usual but suddenly all grown up..
was this the same kid who we had nursed and almost thought we would lose, the one who lay in hospital with his huge head and terrible ear infection.. the one we had to find blood for more than once..
i remember the day when i reached a party and instead of the usual 'hi' hear myslef saying, 'hey i need blood'..
yes the same monty who came with his sister Sapna then 4 year old, who was mentally retarded and could barely hold her head up..
today she walks a little but is still lost in her world, but little monty has become taller than now 6 year old..
no big deal many would say..
but for me looking at monty today was like seing two years of project why...
and feeling strangely content..
monty will i hope go to school one day
sapna will transfer to our special section and maybe learn to be a beautician..
and years will pass
but will i be around!