whose baby is it anyway!

whose baby is it anyway!
whose baby is it anyway!,
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yash is now two months old..
he came to us when he was barely 2 weeks..
the hands feeding him are not his mother's but to him they are safe hands..
yash's story is that of many children who are brought into the world for all the wrong reasons..
no one has thought of a lifemap for them...
they are used to fulfill selfish ends..
but yash is also an indian child who has rights, only someone has to take on the responsibility of protecting those rights...
his mother uses him to get what she needs...
in a country where options are few, maybe one should think of setting up the concept of foster homes, where a child can be safe while his parents decide what they want to do...
this is something we have been thinking of at project why.. and maybe just call it SHE (safe home extension)
in many countries just homes exist, and foster parents can earn some money while looking after children..
if one could identify a few families within the community and be the training-cum-monitoring agency, one may have a doable option..
to be continued...