7 days on a planet

It has been a eventful week, with beautiful moments :

the men in white have decreed.. utpal is not in danger, no dreaded B virus but just hepatitis A

and we may even be able to find the funds for Arun' s much delayed surgery... the money collected by his family more than 2 years ago was used to pay for the funeral rites of his grandparents...

We also had some anxious moments too as manu had to be hospitalised with severe epileptic fits.. (imagine this young man of 30 had never been to a hospital as he had lived on the street protected by powers invisible to us)..

It was also show time as a camera crew visited and project why will be on on star news this sunday evening. It took me a long time to accept this newfound visibility, but i decided to set my usual dislike aside and oblige as maybe it would get us the help we so desperately need to see more children smile..

I am a little scared that being but human, i do not lose touch with reality, a reality that is that ramp lights shift away, flavours of the moment are transitory, new causes to be supported are found, medals lose their glitter, the newspaper page yellows and the writing fades away.. yet children continue to wait for heart surgeries while parents are busy paying for complex funeral rites

But today Utpal smiles and I want o believe that miracles are possible

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