the blade broke...

everyday, when I leave for project why, I always wonder what will happen, as every day I learn something new that often makes me change my ways...

It can be something a child says or does, some wondrous achievement that fills you with delight and joy, it can be a mishap that makes you hare down in many directions..

But sometimes nothing prepares you for the encounter of the day... like today!

Preeti and her sister had not been coming for many days. The family had recently shifted to a make shift camp nearby, the father being a construction worker, but normally the children did come, even if it was a little late..

We had been a little worried and tried to find out why the girls had not come.

One of our staff members was sent out. Hew came back and told us that little Preeti's finger had got stuck in the fan.... what I never could have imagined is what I heard next. When the father was asked how the child was, the answer was: the blade of the fan broke...!

A thousands thoughts crossed my mind: how bad was the hurt, was a tetanos shot given, had infection set in... Tomorrow we will find out what happened and we will see that Preeti is given the care she needs..

Later I sat back thinking at how those words uttered by a father showed the total lack of concern about a girl child, particularly the second girl... that she was probably in pain did not matter, that she needed medical attention did not cross anyone's mind.. some dirty rag would have been tied, and the god of lesser children would have, once again to work his miracle!