maybe i should get the yoga teacher back

last week a TV crew came and spent many hours filming projectwhy

in spite of many disappointing experiences in the past, somehow the arrival of cameras and mikes never fails to send a rush of excitement in everyone...
everyone puts its best foot forward, the right words are found, and hopes ride high..
maybe this time what one wants to convey will be said, be it one's view on vital maters or the need for support that is ever present..
maybe this once the journo will add that one little word that could make all the difference..
then one waits for the appointed day and time..

what never fails is the sense of sadness as one watches the 'show' and the ensuing feeling of anger that always ends with the famous 'never again'!

the feeling of having been used to get the much sought TRP points..
words you so carefully crafted are taken out of their context and lose all their meaning..
images truncated, smiles eliminated and tears magnified..
and the final result is something in which you look desperately for something familiar..

where is the happy place one had built with so much care and love..
where is the spirit, the energy, the images that give hope ...

all i saw was one woman whose back seemed bent and who suddenly looked old to me...
and a silly thought crossed my mind: i need to get the yoga teacher back into my life!

and i felt happy to note that at least i still had my sense of humour..