it is only with the heart that one can see rightly

what is essential is invisible to the eye..
was the secret the fox gave the little prince.

as i watched arun sleep today on his hospital bed, his heart beating valiantly and with great effort, these words came to my mind and i wondered what aruns' heart had 'seen' till now.

adults for whom the dead were more important than the life of a child; adults who sat helpelessly cursing life and everything and everyone around but not really doing anything..

children play and run while this child lay helplessly just trying to get from one heartbeat to the nxt...

children learning while this child was stopped from going to school because he may have got hurt..

did arun question the unfairness of life..

or did he just smile thorugh it all with a wisdom born from years of suffering in silence, i do not know..

i still remember the first time i saw him: he just smiled and that smile conveyed everything he wanted to say. I knew arun wanted to live, to make up for the lost years, maybe to run and laugh like other children..

and i knew i would do everything i could to make it possible..