the long way home

funding is the one constant source of anguish to anyone engaged in work like ours.. there are many sources but we decided to take the long way home..
this is primarily because our commitment to empowerment only makes sense if its has a duration in time and remains rooted in a people steered approach..

we could have taken one of the oh so tempting short cuts, but they all end in mirages or dead ends: a big donor leaves town and bye bye children... india tests a nuclear device and some countries stop all aid so bye bye children... suddenely education is no more the flavour of the day so bye bye children again... the list is endless

and the poor unsuspecting beneficiary is the ultimate victim: the child loses its support system, women lose a job that had brought dignity and respect...

so we chose a the long road home, where home is the day the local community would steer such efforts by emulating the model we set.. a model based on large numbers and small sums of money.. the famous one rupee idea!

what is a rupee a day, or 365 rupee a year in today's reality: a large pizza at the fast food joint, a movie for two, something each one could give up without even realising it..

then why is the long way home such a difficult one...

all you need is to look at the smile of this child who suffered third degree burns and who was left for dead.. he smiles because of those who walked the long way with us..

don't you think it is worth it....