main hoon na!


main hoon na! or here I am is what each tiny project why tot proudly says every morning at roll call!

these three little words are overflowing with meaning... they are not simply an affirmation or act of presence, they hold all their still unformulated dreams.. dreams that can only be fulfilled if people find their hearts and reach out to help..

and when they fold their hands in prayer and look up, it is the same three words they say to the invisible one!

to help us fulfill their dreams we need caring souls to part with a rupee a day! easier said than done particularly in this city where people seem to have lost their heart somewhere...

everyone wants to know what they would get in return.. and you stoically retort in a soft voice: the satisfaction of helping educate children - but it does not cut the ice... you get a curt - all NGOs are crooks- and you want to scream - but come and see our work.. - but who has the time..

many friends say - go find a celebrity - but where does one find one who would be willing to associate with a down to earth effort like ours...

never mind if we get children new hearts, or give employment to destitute mothers, or even arrest drop out rates in school.. we cannot get you a place in page 3.. we never learnt how... and the question is - do we really want to...

i think you know the answer..