of pigs.. garbage dumps ... and new beginnings


look at the picture.. this is a project why classroom..

many of you may have conjured a 'glam' picture of project why.. yet this how we began in giri nagar five years ago, and this is what our new class room in okhla phase I, next to the railway tracks looks like...

we cleared part of a garbage dump, and set up our classroom and slowly the childen began to come in droves, and now there are more than 150 and our two spirited ladies who teach them...

maybe 5 years down the line, we would have found space in the umpteen factories that surround us... but now we need to carry on right here.. in this dump because that is how we manage to stop childen being used by uncaring adults to steal from the rail bogies or peddle drugs.. and hope to guide them back to a school, though there is no primaryschool close by..

of course no one likes us yet..we disturb the prevailing scenario.. and often on monday mornings our teachers find our classroom destroyed... but they valiantly rebuild it and carry on..

but the rains are around the corner and we need to repair the classroom..

maybe some kinds souls will come and helps us do so..