the other side of WHY


one heart has been mended, one kid is back on course...
a bunch of sparkling eyed kids are busy studying...
another lot are busy learning the rules of living in our world..
little stars shine as they learn their numbers and letters..
a planet continues its charted course...

but there is another side of WHY
the one that never ceases to question and look for answers

if you look closely at aditya, the little fellow on the picture you will see a little face filled with questions that seem not to have any answers: here are some

why did my father die ?
why is everyone so nasty to my mother?
why did no one give me medicine when my face was hurting so much?
why do i hear my mama weep at night?
and the list is endless

aditya's mama is 19, aditya is not even 2. the father died of brain fever last year. his family threw aditya and his mother out. aditya lives with his maternal grandmother who can barely make both ends meet.

we cannot spend time wondering why (!) we need to do something... and we did.

after getting aditya the medical help he needed (injectable antibiotics) we decided to help Neha find a tomorrow and thanks to friends today Neha attends a beautician course at the Shanaz Hussain School and will one day get a job and maybe her own parlour... though we are still looking for a kind heart to sponsor the course material which is quite expensive (4K!) and the monthly bus fare.

And every morning , as Neha sets out on the road of her new life, little aditya sits in our creche working out all the little unworded questions that crowd his tender mind.

And the one question I know bothers him the most is: when will mama smile again!