The WHY Ruse

Arun's operation is over and God willing he will get better by quantum leaps: children have an uncanny way of making up for lost time!

But for us at project why the task is not over. It never is.

We do not believe in full stops. Everything that happens, every incident that comes our way, every moment carries in it the seed of something new: that is what I like calling the WHY ruse.

Be it an award received, a task completed, a child healed, an exam success: they are all made to be touched by this ruse

So if a new support group saw the light with arun's operation it now becomes a moot point for much more. Sometimes the ruse is only relevant within project why, but the litmus test is when one can draw in unlikely and unsuspecting candidates!

If those who generously adorned one with unsollicited awards agreed to walk that one extra step, one could do so much more.

And what makes it more interesting is that the ruse works both ways: does it not make us at project why also responsible of being worthy of what was received?

Think about it