there is fish and rice...


i had a most moving experience as i watched a scene enacted by two
beings as different as night and day..
one is a little 3 year old indian slum kid and the other a 50 year old
upmarket frenchman ..
but they are tied by an invisible thread called love.

so when xavier came by utpal decided to take him to his house.. he
went to fetch the keys from his mom and guided his motley troop of
xavier'am, and tuntun (the scooter driver) to his house.. he opened the first door
then the second and led us into his one room home with the confidence of an adult and the grace of the best host you could think of..

he switched the fan on, requested xavier to take his shoes off and sit on the bed.. then he sat himself , after havingtaken off his sandals..

anu with the impatience and foolishness that only an adult is capable off said something silly like "come on they are waiting for lunch"..

utpal looked around and saw that there were two pots on the slab that is the kitchen and said "you will eat here, there is fish and rice"..

the pots however only had water in them, he looked a little perplexed, but then got off the bed and filled a glass with the water and offered it to xavier, who drank it not giving anyone the chance to comment on its origin or cleanliness!

i watched with tears welling up my eyes and a tightness in my throat what to me was sudama feeding krishna ...
and i saw the look of love on the two faces as they looked at each other in total silence before big krishna swept tiny sudama into his arms,turning his face away so that we would not see the unshed tear...