bonbonieres of the heart....

till we can get a picture of the young couple, this is what a bonboniere looks like

"Barbara and me will get married next September 24th and we decided to donate to you the money we were to spend to buy bonbonnieres"

I have never met Barbara or Massimo, they are friends of a friend's daughter ...

I first googled to find out what bonbonieres were: bonbonieres are pretty little souvenirs that are handed out to each person attending a wedding in Italy as a traditional wedding favour.

Now this wedding will not have the traditional bonbonieres that guests normally carry back as a souvenir.. but there is something that they will carry back, something many will remain unaware of, something intangible .. something they would have help create: bonds of love and friendship between two young people starting their life together and children who strive for a better one... and the world will have become that little bit smaller..

Is it the magic of project why at work once again..?