when r met n


it was a special day at project why...

we had a special guest, one that has been a friend even before he saw our world or met any one of us.

rabin came all the way from chennai and spent the whole day with us.

his smile won eveyone over and the magic of project why worked once again as rabin became part of everything that was happening as if he were one of us.
he watched the reherseals for the forthcoming annual day, met all those he had touched with his cyberLove, neha and little aditya, met the angry and misguided young teenagers of okhla, and the odd couple who are parents to little yash.

the day went by, a normal one for project why but i guess a special one for rabin as he got a live show of what till then had been a reality perceived through words and snapshots, and a far cry from the cool air conditioned and organised world of a state-of-the-art bank!

a very special moment was when rabin met nutan. i cannot even begin to imagine the multitude of feelings and emotions that filled that instant..

if one had looked with one's heart, what filled that tiny room was hope..

will the world look the same to you rabin!