where children dare to dream


project why.. where children dare to dream..

were the words that came instinctively to my mind when I designed the first project why brochure. they have remained there, unnoticed... but somehow quietly guiding us in our task...

when our friends from Japan decided to celebrate the Tanabata festival at project why, even though it was a bit delayed, we were thrilled, as this was a great step in our 'exchange' programme with Japan.

Nauko and her formidable gang of lovely ladies came with huge bamboo stems and every child wrote his or her wish on a little piece of colourful paper that would be tied on the stems...

I decided to give a set to the special section.. and they too wrote their wishes :

Umesh, our spastic child who can barely walk wants to fly an areoplane,
Preeti who is not loved by anyone wants to be a mother
Soni who is always in love wants to dance with Salman Khan
Anurag locked in his autism wants to drive a car
Shalini our down syndrome girl wants to be a doctor
Pinki who has severe retardation wants to be a police woman
Ruchi who suffers from a severe nervous condition wants to be a teacher
Manu, yes our very own Manu wants to be a monitor
Rajni our lohar mental retarded child simply wants to eat delicious food ..

Read these dreams again as they are a true reflection of the lonely lives of these kids.

yes they have dreams, the very children we feel uncomfortable with, the children that are cast aside by their own family, those who do not even get proper food let alone love.. they have dreams..

In the five years that project why has been in existence, this is the first time I felt I had achieved something... yes planet why is a place where all children can dare to dream..

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