31 days..04 hours..32 minutes and 10 seconds and counting

woke this morning , sat at my computer, browsed the usual sites..

as i opened this blog, my heart missed a beat as I saw something I had missed till date: on the right hand three little words - home sweet home -.. and a clock ticking backwards

I was overwhelmed as I imagined this child of India, one of its very best, longing for the day she will be home...

Sitting in the land of the plenty, the american dream that so many aspire to, she longs for the sounds and smells that filled her childhood, the warmth of the land that gave her life, the safety of the place she belongs to..

I imagined how long time must seem to her till the morning dawns when she sits on that plane that will bring her to home sweet home.. in 31 days.. 4 hours.... 32 minutes..

There is something about India.. pity some of us do not see it