back to the future

n's article is out. it was published today in the Asian Age .
It was great that it appeared on teacher's day when all roles were reversed.

We sat down to read it with some of the kids and imagine Vicky's pride when he heard the opening words " Vicky Kumar, 12, is concerned about the water problem plaguing the capital". and then the ones that sounded like music to my ears: "Vicky, who hails from Saharsa in Bihar, wants to become a scientist when he grows up. "I would like to go back to my village and set up a water plant there," he says with a glint of optimism in his eyes."

It was nice to see an article that went to the core of what we believe in and talked about the importance of making good citizens, and of revalorising going back to one's home.

The children were thrilled and you could see pride in their eyes as they poured over the newspaper trying to read the sometimes difficult words and asking for explanations...

I watched them and wondered whether we had finally found the right road... to the future