disinvestment à la why

it was a big day for me... as today for the very first time i saw the light at the end of the tunnel...
or to to use the terminology of the hour..the first step towards project why's disinvestement was taken..

yes disinvestment is what it should be called... as the dream I set out to fulfill more than 5 years ago was that of an empowered community taking care of all the needs of its less privileged children.. where the steering would be transferred to 'investors'... investors in time, skills and one day if all is well, in funds too!

it has been a long journey, with many step backwards.. with its share of dejection and angst.. yet with every step taken I could see the transition gently set in: two new centres set up and manned independently, a secondary section that will soon be flying on its own wings, a cyber cafe taking shape.. then why was today different..

well simply because for the very first time a TV crew came and did a shoot as I watched in the wings.. I did not even have to speak on camera.. shamika and rani did the task.. with the children speaking of their projects and dreams..

I could see project why stand on its own.. I could not but go back to the day when every journo's visit brought panic and nervousness.. today there was no diplomat daughter walking the slums, no personality cult.. today was about empowerment and water issues, about education and aspirations, about dreams yet to be fulfilled, about tomorrows yet to be conquered.. today was about India and its people...