vannakam or namaste

pNagar.. as we call it.. could be Tnagar in chennai!

Sudhar Camp is waht it is known as.. a tiny slum tucked away behind the electricity department somewhere in Kalkaji, in the south of India's capital city.. 500 families living in precarious box like hutments where rooms are piled over one another.. a little like the houses children make with their wooden or plastic blocks.. to get to to a higher floor there are wobbly ladders... each family has an average of four children, most under the age of 10...

on one side there are tiny tea shps where you find freshly fried smosas, on the other side the aroma of filter kaphi and sambar greets you.. there is the south indian temple and the north indian temple... families from Bihar and UP live next to families from Tamil Nadu.. there exsits an invisible almost everything

in a tiny room on a first floor is project why's latest avatar where south meets north under the the guidance of a lady from the east-- yes shipra comes from bengal.. and all laugh and learn in perfect harmony...

Look at the picture? can you guess which smile is north indian and which one from the south.. they are all children of India who will not only learn the proverbial 3Rs but also about each other and maybe next time you come by a little Sudha from Sivan in Bihar will greet you with a cheerful 'Vannakam"!