the art of giving... revisited


Saturday 8th October, 2005, is another day which will be remembered as one when Nature decides to remind us of our station on planet Earth..

The earth shook and thousands died.. scores of thousands lost everything they had taken a life time to build... and nature took less than a minute to anihilate..

And as usual the world's collective conscience also shook and the act of giving was suddenly revived and put into gear.. everywhere, everyone, everything was spelling 'donate'...

Since we began project why we have been through two earthquakes, one flood, one tsunami and survived... though it has in no way been easy..

Project why was even strong enough to donate one fishing boat to a fishermen's village in Tamil Nadu ...

Over the past six years getting funds for project why has been more than a herculean task as it has put to test every fibre of one's being.

But let us stop for a while and ask a simple question: what do we seek money for...
When calamity strikes and people find their conscience and sometimes a way of getting rid of the overpowering clutter of their homes - that is why micro mini skirts find their way to traditional south indian villages - they do so prompted by an overkind media which for a few days does not let them forget the pain and agony people are going thorugh..

We deal with invisible, intagible pain, we deal with long term solutions one that cannot be caught on camera even by the best lensperson.. one you discover everyday when you walk the very lanes that many find an eyesore...

Both forms of giving are essential and necessary, in today's term if one is a down payment, the other is a long time investment.. but we have forgotten this though it is just another manifestation of the dual view of life -the micro and the macro - one that is part of our atavist making..

When I pitched the one-rupee-a-day option, it was in keeping with this reality of life, hoping that if people found the large number for calamities, they would still spare the one unit for the future..

Was I wrong?

My intuition tells me I am not, it is just a mater of time..

So the waiting continues