the other kind of blast

"I go to my friends place where we play cards and have a blast" says a young citizen of delhi in today's morning paper.
" I have lost about 10 000 rupees in three days but will make it up" adds another.
They are both between the age of 15 and 20.

I sometimes tell children around me, that in our day and times we have a two-caste system: one that has money and one hat does not have money.

This often said in a light vein.. sometimes tinged with cynicism..However the last year has brought to light many incidents that somehow seem to prove me right..

In search of the elusive 4000 people who would part with the even more elusive one rupee-a-day, we tried to establish contact with groups and institutions where we thought we could find what we sought. Colleges, well frequented coffee parlours and boof stores, large offices and much more. Everywhere we were saddened to see that no one was interested in parting with what does not even buy you a quarter cup of coffee, for a cause!

This post is not meant to be a sermon or discourse or a blame game.

But we must realise that masterminds of 29/10 need executors and these come from within us, often because young people living in the same city on the other side have dreams and aspirations but no one to fulfill them. They often suffer humiliation and need outlets to regain their misplaced dignity.

It is for us to decide whether we will give it back to them or leave them to the wolves waiting in the wings..

The answer is 'education' and that little rupee does just that!