please keep planet why busy, but happy...

Got a lovely ecard from a dear friend of project why: Nauko

I always get energy and rest at the same time when I visit your Planet Why.
It's one of rare occations when I can feel happy in Delhi.
Please keep the Planet busy, but happy.

Nauko is from Japan and has been a regular volunteer with project why for over a year.. and a faithful one.. she comes and goes and has her own little projects with different sections.. often we only realise she came much after she has gone; she has found her place.. and fills it gently, quetly and with lot of love..

Nauko says she feels happy on our little planet.. and I agree with her. As you land on planet why, you have no option but to leave your problems behind, actually they seem quite insignificant as a child grabs your hand and another wishes you.. the smiles you get are enough to wash away all that ails you, at least for a while..

You get engrossed in the day's activity and hear about all the news: sapna has started walking, and babli will soon be operated upon and the twins are now talking and farzana got an 80% in english.. the excitement is palpable as everyone has something to share..

the tailoring unit is in place and there are great bags to sell.. and a raffle too.. you try to catch up with everything and by the time you are ready to leave you realise that you are feeling good and have reconnected with a part of yourself you had forgotten existed..