what's buzzing on planet why

Today was a great day on planet why...

After much activity we finally got our first in house cloth bag ... yes truly in house.. stitched by our very special kids under the hawk eye of their stitching teacher and printed on in our own in house printing unit...

Yes we have our screens, the lay out was done in our computer centre by our very own Mithu and then the printing was done under the suprevision of Dharmendra who heads our sustainability programme..

The message simply says:

project why children say No to plastic bags, and so do I..

they will soon be on sale and we can even add the company's name or the buyers name or any other message. the bags are lightweight and can be folded and slipped into pockets or even tucked into the tiniest of bags. we hope they will help in containing the plastic menace that is now taking on alarming proportions.. and will go a long way in giving our special kids they social dignity they deserve

we also hope that all our friends will help us market these in a large way and will also come up with new suggestions to make this a great success

for further information mail shamika at shambakshou@yahoo.co.in