and the winners are...

The raffle draw was held yesterday at project why...

The raffle had been thought of as one for upmarket people and hence the prizes were tailored to that taste - barring of course the dinner with a bollywood star -. But once we had printed the tickets and set out to sell them, we were aghast at the total lack of enthusiasm we met be it college kids, friends or acquaintances, the response was lukewarm at best..

I must confess that teamProjectwhy was crestfallen, but somehow I was not too surprised. and in the spirit of what we stand for, we decided to sell the raffle tickets in the slums we work in . A great sales team comprising of pwhy staff, parents and children was created and we managed to sell quite a few tickets. We had to, as akshay kumar had give us a date in late november. To make the raffle more attractive to simple folks we added a VCD player!

On 20th November at 11 am, young innocent hands drew the names of the winners and to my delight Bindiya a lovely Lohar woman won the evening with akshay, and ram bibek, a poor tea stall owner won the VCD.. how proud they were.

Bindiya will be going with her brother and ram bibek has hooked on his VCD to his old black and white TV.

and everyone is asking when the next raffle will be...

The initial set back turned to be aboon in disguise and maybe we have a new funding option in the making.

Note: we are looking for sponsors for prizes that slum folsk would like - small music system, TV, irons, mixies etc we are still far from the 4000 one rupee a day donors we need