celebrating... with a difference


It was a celebration... but one with a difference.. and one that celebrated 'difference'!

p and j got married.. in a city where weddings have become barometers of one's success.. where people wreck their brains to find ways of outdoing others.. where flowers are flown from across the world and strange cuisines discovered... where guests drip jewellerey and stand in bored silence..

p and j got married.. in a ceremony that did out do many.. the groom came on a motorcycle and the wedding party followed in three wheelers to the beat of frenzied dholaks played by pwhy parents , the ceremony was held in the tiny lawn of the bride's house and not in any farm house or starred hotel, the caterer was up market and the tentwallah from a slum, the guest lists was eclectic coming from diferent lands and all walks of life.. and everyone came together to wish the couple a happy life..

It was a wedding that brought together many worlds , one that proved that diferences needed to be celebrated...