It is not length of life, but depth of life


"I will donate for the child if you guarantee he will live" were the harsh words that I heard in the dead of a night when we were looking for funds for Raju our first heart surgery. This followed an appeal on TV and was one of the numerous calls that were made on that September night.

I just answered as sweetly as I could that I could not even guarantee that I would be alive...Raju was operated upon, is now back in school and a fine boy at that.

I had forgotten this incident till today as we sat in the weak afternoon sun, talking about Nanhe and his forthcoming operation and the unecessary delays as the child is in great pain. A few friends were also present and we shared our helplesness as we foresaw no real future for this severly handicapped child, who cannot walk or talk and is dependent on a single parent who can barely support her family. I had thought that the friends present would come forward to help Nanhe and I must confess I was a little taken aback.. till I realised that people do not invest in a child who has no real tomorrows...

Yet Nanhe wants to live.. and he shows it in so many ways.. never complains.. always smiles.. even though all conspires against him - he fell of his mom's cart and has four stitches -. He even has friends now and is happy...

Now the question is: he is worth investing in.. and what one can one do..

The answer is simple: fill his life with as much happiness as we can. Get the minimum surgery needed to make him pain free, get him diapers - they cost a bomb - so that he retains his dignity and can be taken out to parks, and other places... we know that his life will be short, and that is the best for him.. but it is still a life, a life that is worth investing in..

And let me tell you, his life has a purpose.. it shows us that life no matter how wreteched is to be celebrated and lived to its very end..

And if you need any proof, just look at his smile....