urban treat..


it was a chilly afternoon as we set out to vist nanhe's home. we needed to assess the situation and see what was needed to make his return from hospital as comfortable as possible. we locate his mother's cart and she guided us to her home. we had expected a small jhuggi but this was more like a box where a cot took almost all the place - remember five people lived here, nanhe being the youngest - the place was as tidy as such a place can be, with a small electric stove and all that was essential to subsist. we made a mental note of what would be needed as we sat on the cot..

the dampness of the tiny room made the cold even more biting and quite honestly we were hoping for a cup of tea.. nanhe's mom had scurried out we thought to get some milk.. we were taken a back when she returned with bottles of pepsi... and looked at each other in dispair.. knowing that we would have to gulp the chilled bottles seeped in the gratitude and love of this brave mother who probably felt thata mundane cup of tea was not god enough for us..

well you see this was urban india and nanhe's mom had to show that she had learnt urban ways.. in her village we would have probably been given sweet and hot tea..

we drank the urban treat as refusing it would have been hurting her feelings..

Oh darling yeh hai India..