back with a bang..


It is back... the smile that was lost for a while behind a wall of pain is back where it belongs, on nahe's beautiful face..

Never mind the foot swollen to double its size because of innumerable intravenous feeds, never mind the now forgotten pain and discomfort of an agonising test with a tongue twisting name, Nanhe's face lit of when we dropped by his ward this afternoon..

His smile brightened the dreary hospital room and warmed the cockles of our hearts.. In his own inimitable way Nanhe made us feel special. This was love in its purest form..

His indomitable spirit reached out with a message of hope and trust...

It was a moving and edifying experience; a silent and eloquent homage to life, as this child who has nothing going his way, reached out to tell us he was doing his bit.. to get better and come back to us..

We had to do ours...

Note: all xrays and other medivcal investigations have been completed. nanhe now awaits surgery.