because of your smile


Because of your smile.. you make life more beautiful.
.. Thich Nhat Hanh

This simple quote by a vietnamese monk sums up nanhe's mission on planet earth.. many of you have fallen in love with his smile and his incredible courage..

I must confess there are some who have, albeit in veiled words, wondered why we are putting up such a fight for one like nanhe..

Long ago, a friend had told me that special children come on this earth with a mission many fail to recognise.. they come to make us better people, to help us get to that part of us we are unaware of.. to help us learn to look at the small things that matter most and that we often pass by.. and maybe to show us the way when all seems lost..

I am amazed at the number of friends who have rallied around nanhe, the incredible love he has managed to awaken in so many people..

And to those who wonder why we are fighting for nanhe, let me say it is simply because he makes life more beautiful