Many of you have shared with us babli's tryst with life.. this little woman of substance is a true braveheart...

Till now, for babli the 'surgery' had been something everyone talked about, something vague that the poor child had no way of imagining. She used to say with her perky smile and bright eyes that she was not afraid.

But now it is real and it was heart wrenching to see how hard she tried to put up a brave face when faced with the the complex machines and the men in white. You could see fear in her eyes though she tried her best to overcome it..

When I finally met her after the ordeal of her angiograpahy as she lay on a stretcher in the dark corridor of the hospital ward, visibly in pain, she jumped up and greeted me with her ususal 'hello ma'am'... her eyes filled with trust and hope..

babli is now back with us at project why and we await the surgery date...