heart in place


Babli has a new heart.. one that does not have holes.. one that will allow her to breathe easily, to run, to play, to eat all the thing she wants , to do all a kid her age should do, one that will enable her to sleep through the night without feeling breathless.. in one word to be a normal spirited nine year old..

For this day she had to wait long years because her parents were very poor but most of all because she was a girl, somewhat a lesser child.. a disturbing reality in our land.. but no one knew that this child wanted to live and fight for her life.. from the time I met Babli - who should be called bubbly - I was surprised by the energy and zest this child showed in everything she did: her perky ways, her sparkling eyes, her cheerful chatter, every part of her spelt l-i-f-e.. so live she had to..

Sometimes one gets amazed at the ways the god of lesser beings operates and how he makes everything conspire to make small simple miracles.. Babli came to pwhy via S our now veteran heart craftsman; her simple poignant tale touched many hearts the world over and a great network of supporters helped us meet the financial requirements; G and D charmed the doctors and before we knew it the operation was over... the whole operation seemed to have been touched by the Babli's almost cheeky spirit..

Even through the complex set of invasive and sometimes difficult medical tests, Babli found ways to call everyone to order when needed: a touching smile in the lift, an almost cocky look into the camera at the height of a painful moment, a furtive caress, a hand held.. simple ways of reassuring us all when we needed it most..

And this time even mr god did not do too badly: a series of investigations on a holiday when the waiting time is short, a quick admission and even prompter surgery and voila.. and through it all a dad by proxy, to see her through and make up for one that was not up to the job, as Gary was there all the way..

This post would not be complete without a mention for the team of caring and great surgeons and doctors, a bunch of proud Indians with a heart, who perform miracles every day.. and whom we salute!


So to teamBabli which crosses all frontiers and sees with its heart a big thank you...