when words fail


This picture was taken minutes before scared little braveBabli's angiography.

Take a moment to look at it:

You have Babli being tended to by Sophie with love and tenderness, while her father looks on probably wondering why all this fuss about a girl!

Watching is Sitaram eyes filled with love and concern, remembering his own angst when his Raju was in the same situation and probably praying for Babli's well being

And in a corner is little Arzoo who is terribly perplexed as she senses something is not quite the same as usual. Remember Babli is Arzoo's mother figure at home..

So much has been caught on camera in this picture.. from human relationships which know no frontiers, to the realities of India's girl child.. to the invisible and touching synergies that make pwhy what it is..