whyBlogs... shots of hope


"I almost always start my day at work by reading the projectwhy
blogspot" says a friend in the US.

" I was reading some earlier posts on your blog, as I do when I need inspiration".. says another one from the other side of the planet in Australia

Project why blogs began at the behest of a friend who believed that the occasional outbursts shared in emails should have a larger audience... I never knew that the words that came out from the depth of my soul would have such an impact.. and once again i am overwhelmed.. but not surprised..

The little moments I share here are not figments of my imagination, they are real and are impregnated with the hopes, the aspirations, the dreams of simple and often invisible people. What makes them a little diferent is that these very real images are viewed by one whose love and faith in India is indubitable, one who believes that every child of the land has the right to a better tomorrow, a right we are the custodians of..

These posts are also my way of reaching out to that part of each one of us that sometimes has been lost in the quagmire of cynicism and mistrust that seems to prevail around us.. a way of showcasing what one does not want to see.. as it disturbs, and awakens a sense of responsibility we are not ready to take on...

How small our problems become in the light of the lives of those portrayed here, how simple it is to be happy and to smile.. and how easy it is to reach out and make another life better..

Simply put these posts are shots of optimism and hope... for those who care to look with their heart!

But beware, the smile you see on this child's face can become addictive..