, badnasday or vday pwhy style


Funny how the 'poor' emulate the 'rich' in everything.. so this morning S our creche worker who is a little simple minded carried a bunch of cellophane wrapped roses.. she entered the office and and mumbled 'happy bababaa day" and handed her roses to all present.. someone must have tried to correct her so later in the day the last rose was given with a cheery 'happy banasday'.

Many laughed at this simple soul, without malice of course.

For a long time I sat and pondered over the whole issue of Vday...something that had begun in 200 AD with a poor convicted man's last missive to his love and that has mutated into a commercial bizMess and fuel for moral policing.. and somehow in all this is the vDay of urban slums where flowers are given to friends and colleagues in a desperately touching effort to be modern and in tune with times.. and accepted.