In a time when the city is ablaze with demolition and talk about illegal buildings and slum clusters, when courts have ordered no further 'regularisation,a board was erected in front of a slum community centre next to pwhy and inaugurated by all the local politicos.. it heralds the construction of the first floor of the slum wing community centre.

The slums of gNagar are encroachments on public land.. they are tucked between buildings on the roadside and government buildings, and hence 'illegal' even if some are over 25 years old. The slum wing of the MCD is for slum dwellers and any construction by them is meant for slum people's benefit.

So when the MCD slum wing decides to spent public money to construct an additional floor on an existing community centre what message does it send to simple slum people: that is well on in the said area.. and they are somewhat safe!

By the way let us not forget that municipal elections are not faraway, that there is only a short time left to 'please' friends hand out contracts, so maybe that is the name of the game. On the one hand secure your illiterate vote bank by sending a confused message, and and on the other get a last chance to please friends.

It is almost frightening to see such act of blatant disregard to laws and rules in broad daylight... dwhat is even more scarry is that some loophole or small print will be found to justify all this. This is when citizens have to act...

Note: The comunity cenre in question was erected in a children's park and handed over to a organisation that works with children from other areas and social background. The building is never used for the slum community for which it was made.