marks.. slaps.. and a dickensian school


You would all agree that terminal examinations are meant to assess performance and help improve the same. You will also agree that an exam has no relevance if marks are not given to the student... well not so in our city....

In December all municipal schools held terminal exams but the children were not given their marks..we needed the marks was to prepare the children for the end of year examinations which are round the corner.. we asked pwhy kids to request the teachers to give them their results.. we were horrified by what ensued..

The children were not given the marks. Two of them were even slapped for having dared ask!

Our staff did a round of the municipal schools our kids attend and except for one girl's school which extended full cooperation, all others refused.. it was almost as we were asking for state scerets..

The worst experience was in the boys school where Jitendra and Hemraj, the two boys who were slapped study. This temple of learning seems to be set in the dark ages and the teachers out of a sombre dickensian novel. Chaos reigns amidts aggresive behavior and total apathy.. Our little team was treated with contempt and absence of courtesy.. what infuriated them was that no one seemed to comprehend why one was asking for marks.. Jitendra, a good student, was dismissed as a worthless one, defying all principles of basic child psychology...

The school was filthy and as teachers chatted in a group, children were busy fighting and using bad language.. the whole atmosphere was one of belligerence..

A perfect place to learn bad language, aggressive behavior and bad ways.. so why wonder when children from slums turn out the way they are..

The most important element in the adventure call learning is the teacher.. this is something that our law makers and leaders should understand..