too late for nandini but not for sandhya


Sandhya landed up at hearfix hotel today.. a little 6 year old she needs heart surgery and her parents took all the initiatives and got her checked... something we are pleasantly surprised about as often parents give up, particularly when the child is a girl..

They tarvelled the now famous road to heartFix hotel, one that passes by all previous innmates under the benevolent guidance of my friend the God of lesser beings..


We now need to raise the 66 000 required! are you listening mr god

I hope that sandhya makes it as we were all sad to learn that it was too late for bright Nandini. Maybe when she is 40.. said the doctor .. 40 in a village in Bihar is when you are a grandmother.. I hope her family will understand that the best for her is to be able to study and get a job.. I fear they will marry her and she will have children.. and push her exhausted heart to the brink..

Nandini is condemned to a life where she will have to be careful, where breathing will be an uphill task, where she may not be able to do all she wants to.. but we must see that sandhya who is barely 6, gets a better chance in life

mr god of lesser beings are you listening..