will M's tomorrows be safe.. (cont)


(in the previous post we tried to imagine what a child's tomorrows may look like, if the persent situation continued; let us now imagine how things can change..)

M's or s's tomorrow can be safe.. but if many ifs happen! So let us take it from the top again..

Their tomorrows will be safe if a common school comes into being, if they are taught their rights and their duties as citizens; if they are taught about existing institutions, if they are taught the reality that nothing come easy.

Their tomorrows will be safe if the lure of government jobs is demystified, if they are given the right skills to return to their villages and habitats of origin; if they learn to respect Nature, if they are taught to respect one another, to celebrate differences.

But this no mean task and one has to tread slowly. Today children are still under the spell of cityLights and maybe not willing to listen. But one has to start weaving te web and using every possible to pass on messages..text books have to be rewritten and lessons that show little ramu the village cousin be shown the magic of the city by little manoj should be reversed..

A long way to go, but one that has to be walked.. one step at a time so that M's tomorrows are safe