a smile referred to....


Shhh.. nanhe sleeps in the comfort of his home.. I know it looks more like a damp dungeon, but it is his haven as it is filled with the love of his little family..

Last week was a bad one as he had many fits and spent some night in the hospital ward, but he is back home as instinctively his mom felt he was safer here.. I went looking for the smile I so missed, but did not get it as he slept through our visit..

I asked to see the medecines he had ben given ans was a litle taken aback when I saw a panoply of vitamins, calcium etc and nothing to take care of his fits.. I asked to see his discharge slip, where ususally treatments are written, and OPD dates given.. my heart missed a beat when I just saw thes ewords: referred to rehab...

The puzle fell in place, I undesrtood what his brave mom menat when she said that she had brought him back because there was a high risk of infection in the ward, I understod the incomprehensible medication.. the docs had given up on nanhe.. he was not worth fighting for.. just as they had on utpal with the words : chance of survival - nil!

Strange that that very kid runs around today a true bundle of joy and mischief..

So nanhe is ours to tend to and care for, his smile has been referred to us for safe custody, and we will keep it safe for as long as friend God wants us to.. we have selfish reasons for that; nanhe's smile is our ray of sunshine, his halting words are blessings from beyond and every breath he takes keeps us alive..

And then were we to forget it, his mom is there to calls us to order: she is now busy finding out whether an operaion by the Jaipur Foot team can help him walk... she has not given up, so how can we.