meri mummy...

You think you have seen it all and that you are immune to heart wrenching situations.. well beware that is not the way life is..

Utpal has now been a resident of my home fro over 2 weeks, he adjusted like a fish in water and laughs, plays, eats, sleeps and plays.. true you wonder what goes on in his little heart.. but you ensure not to mention certain words.. like mummy.. and keep your fingers crossed.. even though you try not to, you indulge him a little, and get amazed at his resilience and spirit..

So nothing prepared me for the words Utpal said to an unknown shopkeeper as he looked at some toys - meri mummy nahin hai - I do not have a mother.

My heart missed a beat, I wanted to hug him and say soothingv words, but I watched him with moist eyes respecting the dignity of the moment.. resolving with renewed determination to give him back a mummy healed, and one he can be proud of..

Mom's are precious and you can only have one.. that is what Utpal teaches me everyday!