68/86... and 103 the arithmetic of coping

For the past few days strange things have been happening in an otherwise orderly environement.. an intricate and baffling interplay of movements, numbers, words and occurences. At moments the entire scenario becomes extremely puzzling..

What just moments ago was a happy and enabling environment seems to have been shattered by some invisible malefic genie that has hit every where it could. BPs have fallen abysmally low and temperatures risen to alarming heights. Even the men in white are baffled.

The main protagonist of the show are a old lady and a little man, and the genie is the fateful day when one leaves for school. Nothing to write home about would one say, well not quite as both are acting out of style to protect the other and whereas this is totally normal for one who has lived over half a century, its is phenomenal when it is done by a little fellow of 4.

But Utpal Mondal is not your normal little 4 year old; he is one who has packed more suffering in his tiny life than many in their entire existence. So Utpal, normally the exemplary kid, one who never bothers any one, has for the past few days done everything possible to test everyone's patience, even worked up an illogical fever that sends us all scurrying to the doc, finding little ways to makes us wish that he leaves...

But dear Utpal, we know you too well and see through your little game and it makes you dearer to our hearts.. It is just that we know that you have to go and grow and live the destiny that has been chalked out for you, the one for which you even had to submit to the excruciating ordeal by fire..

So litlle Utpal when that day dawns, it will be a beautiful one for all of us, one we will always remember as a very special one.