in spite of all technological advances that enable us to obliterate the defines of space and time, connect to people across the globe with the click of a mouse, we in delhi have had to make rather pre-historic adjustements.. one that reminded me of the days when my life graviated around the sleep pattern of my daughter.. all house chores or any chore for that matter was done when either p or s slept.. that was in 1975 and 1981..

Today in 2006, my girls are big ladies and I am an old woman but I see myself having to relive those days and ways.. this time not to the sweet pattern of a baby's slumber but to the erratic and puzzling plan followed by those who provide our city electricity.. so here you are at the computer and off it goes and you rapidly swithch everything off and wait till it gets back. Now in the mean time the computer of your mind may have forgotten where you were so you have to play all kind of association games till you find survival tactics..

I now have a pencil that hangs aroung my neck and I jot things down whenever I remember them, something I had long forgotten. I have also crossed from my menu all that requires baking. Many of our meetings are held in the terrace. Children have more outdoor activities than before. And we talk a lot about not taking things for granted...

And above all, maybe it is time we ask ourselves how responsible we are for all this mess, and look for ways to find long term solutions..