distance makes the heart grow fonder


Distance makes the heart grow fonder says the jaded quotation. Most of us have at one time or the other used it.

Six long years trying to keep project why alive my way, has given a new connotation to these very words. We could also use Mark Twain's Familiarity breeds contempt to describe the bittersweet reality that has been vindicated day after day.

In our quest for support we have been overwhelmed by the spontaneity of people living across the world, who have an may never drop by our planet but who somehow have understood its spirit. So be it the tiny amount sent by a student pining for home comfort food, or the generous gift of a well settled professional who feels that it is a way to pay back; be it the impromptu offer to volunteer of young people from different lands or the long plane hours taken to come by and write about us, it is the effort of those who are faraway that has sustained us till now.

The rupee a day option was designed for two reasons, one for each side of the spectrum. It was something even the poorest could spare and join the rank of donors and on the other hand something which I felt would allay the worst cynic who view everything with suspicion even if they have known you for donkey's years. If some head way was achieved in the first case, then in the second the distance between hand and wallet still needs to be covered.

Another high road to bewalked

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