tiny people with huge hearts

At a time when much seemed dark, a ray of sunshine was brought by little children who decided that they would be better than big people and help their friends who are not so lucky.

These kids belong to countries as far from each other as France and Singapore but be it Maxence, Natasha or Haimuel.

When Maxence saw the Okhla centre sitting in a garbage dump he did not have the kind of reactions that adults have, he did not smother us with meaningless words, he just looked with his heart and made a decision that he did not even disclose then. he went home, fished out an old detergent box asked his mom to print out some pics from the pwhy site and made a donation box where he asked his pals to put in the money they would have spend on buying him birthday gifts.

Last week he came clutching his little box that had a fair amount of roupies! That money is priceless as it is steeped in so much love.


Natasha and Haimuel, 9 and 7 respectively decided to forego their pocket money simply after reading about us. Another bunch of kids from the French school collected funds in the same way and today Okhla has a tent thanks to them.

What is it that makes little act in this way? I do not know but I hope that one day the children of my land will do the same

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