making memories..


I have been busy making memories for Utpal. You may wonder why. When I look back at the past six years, the one success story that I would like remembered is that of this little braveheart.

I sometimes wonder what could have happened if pwhy had not been around for this child. The worst case scenario: he would have died. At best he would have survived with deep scars on both body and mind. His drunk parents may or may not have sent him to school as fees money often feeds bad habits. And maybe one day someone would have realised that his scarred body could be used to arouse pity and hence get few pennies.

Utpal who as I write these words is somewhere in my home playing, is now in a boarding school and in two tiny months he has been transformed. one year down the line he will speak English and a few years down the line may top his class and then who knows.

His mom is in her fifth month of recovery, his sister safe in a residential programme and maybe one day we will help them rebuild a real home. the father or what goes by that name still drinks and lurks hoping to get some money from us.

Utpal's story is what in my mind is a miracle and would make the worst cynic believe in something larger than life.

there are many disturbing questions that will come in his little mind as he grows and I have been busy making memories for him as I may not be there to fill in the blanks and tell him the truth. And as I set down putting those memories together I found myself setting out on a new journey, one where I traveled inwards trying to make sense of life itself by seeking life's bare bones and trying to extract in Rabelaisian words "its substantific marrow". And in doing so I stumbled on a world replete with simple things that transcend space and time making you fall in love one last time with life itself. I called it the wisdom of twilight years.

This little book is called "dear Popples.. with love Maam'ji" will stand in for all the memories that Utpal may need when he is a big man.

My dream is to see it published, otherwise it will be placed next to my Will, quietly waiting for its rightful owner.

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