the three most beautiful words

I got a mail this morning from a friend of pwhy, who lives miles away, whom I have never met. I only know that he sees with his heart as he has always responded to my innumerable appeals with spontaneous generosity!

This is what he writes in response to my wondering why I deserve the support I get:

And do you really need to ask why
you deserve it?

Reminds me of a scene from the TV series Star Trek (In case you're
unfamiliar with it, it is about a group of people travelling aboard a
spaceship seeking out new civilisations and trying to understand them). At
the end of one episode, the captain gestures out the window to the doctor
and says "You know, out there right now someone is saying the three most
beautiful words in the universe. Know what they are?". The doctor looks
quizzically at him. You might expect the words to be 'I love you' or such
like. But the captain, gazing out of the window, says "Please. Help me."

You are one of the few who are driven to listen for these words and try and
help out. That's why you deserve good fortune.

I sat quietly for a long time my mind traveling at incredible speed as I went back to the days when I too had watched this episode, and wondered when and where I had learnt to listen to these words, a question I had never asked really myself. It is true that my seven years of trying to raise funds have been an eye opener and leads me to think that maybe it was the way we were brought up, the values we were taught and the education we got that made us this way. And maybe these are the very things that are slowly getting eroded leading to other 'ideals' where looking with your heart and giving are not on the menu.

I can only say that I feel truly blessed to have been able to find many persons who had the ability to heart these three most beautiful words loud and clear.

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