where angels do not fear to tread

When I was a little girl and something I could not comprehend or did not like happened, my father would always talk of the larger picture, the one only God could see and tell me that we only saw a tiny part of it and therefore could not understand its relevance. I must confess that at that time And it took care of the pain, I guess it had a lot to do with the way he said it!

Later I must confess it is a trick I often used to deal with many problems I encountered. But there were times when things were so bad that the big picture explanation was not sufficient. One of the tings I have always found very hard to accept is the incomprehensible pain that one sees inflicted on children, and least of all their untimely death.

Today we had the visit of two lovely people Jean Bernard and Marie who set up a trust in the memory of Leila Fodil a little 3 year old who came to them with advanced blood cancer and who lived in their home till the illness took her two years down the line.

As we were walking back from one project site it struck me that children like Leila or our very own Utpal come to earth as part of the larger picture, to fulfill some wondrous plan that Mister God had. Leila's brief and agonising little tryst with life and Utpal's traumatic survival have been the cause for so much good, so many people who should have never met have actually bonded to reach out to many little souls in need of help.Call them angels or old souls, they are blessed as they come for a purpose that we cannot at first see but that slowly unfolds itself and leaves even the most cynical believing in something greater...

Looking back at the seven years project why has been in existence, I can say with some conviction and pride that it is a place where angel do not fear to tread.

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