dil deke dekho.. dilli!

A few weeks back we were contacted by a organisation asking us to participate in a national effort whereby young bankers of a leading multinational bank would come and spend a day at pwhy as part of the CSR effort.

A draft programme was sent to us and we were asked to send a concrete proposal which we promptly did. The idea was that about 10 such persons would 'spend the day' with our kids and participate in various activities.

Then as usual we got caught in our day-to-day life. Yesterday we remembered that the programme was scheduled for this week-end and having not heard from anyone we decided to call them.

Why was I not surprised when we were told that though Bombay and Calcutta had met the required numbers, Delhi had failed to do so. No need to wonder why, Delhi will not give up its Saturday spent mall crawling, star gazing or partying to walk filthy slums and play with poor kids.

Dil deke dekho-- dilli - try spending a little of your heart!

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