a matter of the heart...


When Sitaram came to us three years ago seeking monetary help for his son's cardiac surgery we never knew that he was heralding a new avatar for pwhy, that of fixing hearts quite literally.

It took us two months to get the needed funds and raju today is a strapping young lad in secondary school and top of his class. Then came Arun, Babli, Nandini and the others setting up what we affectionately call our heartFix hotel.

And with each little broken heart came a huge wave of support. What used to take months and loads of emails, now just takes one or two phone calls.

So when little Anil came by asking help for help for the placement of a Pulmonary Artery Band, no emailing was required, not even a blog saying who he was. But little Anil does deserves his place here. He is 8 months old and has spent most of his life on this planet in hospital. Each breathe he takes is an effort, but the little soul fights to live on. His father makes bamboo blinds and barely enough to sustain his family. We pray that the PA band will settle Anil's congenital problem and he will spared bypass surgery.

Recently a TV channel had a talk show on medical tourism whereby the Rajus, Anils, Bablis of rich countries come to India for medical help. This leads one to think about where our Anils go! The answer is brutal and ruthless : normally they are left to die!

This is another side of the two Indias. When Raju came by many thought we were insane to take on another mantle. Were we not and education programme?

Well maybe there is another answer to the question we asked. Some of our Anils and Bablis are gently directed by the God of Lesser Children to people like us.

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