remake the world


Too many people are suffering
Too many people are sad
Too little people got everything
While too many people got nothing

We wile remake the world
With love and happiness
Remake the world
People, put your conscience to the test

Jimmy Cliff

Is this what these two little lads are singing. Maybe. Yet there is something wrong in this picture. Abhishek and Utpal should not be sitting together. If we had played by the rules, then one of them should have been far away in a dingy slum with his alky mom.

Yet today they sit side by side dreaming huge dreams in a world where everything is possible as no labels have been stuck to their heads yet.

Yes Sir, we are in India, in the one we all know, the one torn by caste, creed and shady agendas that hijack children's hopes and aspirations.

Wonder where: in a little school tucked away on the fringe of the city, where the sun shines, and winds blow, where buffalos roam, and fields are green. Here children of all origins come together and discover each other. They learn, eat, play and sleep together and dream of remaking this world, their way.

When time is ripe for learning about labels, and differences, it will too late, or so I dare hope.

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